Saturday, October 19, 2013

Armageddon Films FAQ is arriving in stores!!

The cover of the book - arriving in stores in October 2013!
 Here we are in October 2013 and my new book - The Armageddon Films FAQ - should be starting to arrive in stores.  Amazon already is down to nine copies as of today (10/19/2013), so that shows that copies are already heading out to those who have ordered it.

For those of you only familiar with my work dealing with music, such as my books about the band KISS (Black Diamond and KISS FAQ, to name two) and Alice Cooper (The Illustrated Collectors Guide to Alice Cooper), this is my first book dealing with movies.  It's a huge collection of reviews and essays on "end of the world" movies, totalling more than 450 pages of text, with black and white photos of various movie posters from the films discussed. 

To some, this may just mean movies where the world blows up, but Hollywood has come up with many ways to end the world over the years, and The Armageddon Films FAQ takes a look at all of the variations leading to our doom.  Chapters include:

*  Ten Iconic Apocalyptic Novels Never Made into Major Studio Films
*  Early "End of the World" Movies from the Silents to the 1930s
*  Films Where the Protagonist Somehow "Slept" through Armageddon
*  Movies Where Characters Wait Out the End of the World
*  Filcks We Forget Feature the End of the World
*  The End-Time Movies
*  Supernatural Endings of the World
*  A Chapter Each on Iconic Movies of the Genre and the Various Films Made of their Source Novels: 
          The War of the Worlds
          I Am Legend
          Invasion of the Body Snatchers
*  Alien Invasion Movies
*  Heavenly Bodies Smashing into Earth Films
*  Ecological Disasters
*  Technological Disasters
*  Contagion Films
*  Postapocalyptic Car Movies
*  "End of the Worlds" from Television
*  Music Videos Featuring the Apocalypse
*  Apocalyptic Comedies
*  And More!

Hope everyone checks it out!  It's available through bookstores and online through Amazon, B&N and others!

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