Sunday, August 12, 2012

KISS FAQ is out in stores already!

Have to admit, there was a bit of a surprise this past week when I got my first copy of my KISS FAQ book in the mail from Backbeat Books.  I knew I would get it soon, but with the preliminary release date being in September, I had assumed it would still be a week or two before I would see it.

Now I hear that the book has been released ahead of schedule to brick-and-mortar and online bookstores this past week!  That's fine by me, and it's a thrill to hear from people emailing me to let me know they have gotten their copy already or seen it in a bookstore somewhere, but it's a bit of a whiplash knowing that the few weeks I thought I had left before dealing with all the publicity is already upon me!

Speaking of which, this is a great photo that a reader sent me of his copy of the book with an early poster-ad for the band that features a very similar pose from the same photo session:

Not saying anyone has to rush out in a buying frenzy at the moment, but I do hope everyone reading this take a chance sometime soon to order the book or pick it up in a store!  If you do, I'd be happy to hear from everyone that gives it a try.  As stated before and in the intro to the book itself, the point of the KISS FAQ is a chance to examine topics that we know all KISS fans talk about at shows or KISS Expos, but rather - if ever - are discussed in the biographies and references guides that have been released over the years about the band.  Even the official ones, which tend to gloss over certain aspects of the band's career. (Understandably so - if you do something really goofy at one point in your career, it's not easy to say in your book, "Hey!  Remember when we really sucked at this?  Let's spend a few pages discussing how we nearly destroyed KISS with this idea!"  No matter how much fans may want to talk about it.)  I think a lot of fans will agree with the topics within the book, although I'm sure there are going to be moments for some fans where they won't agree with what is said about those same topics.  Still, that's the fun of being fans in the first place - the chance to agree or not agree about aspects of KISS.  I'm just a fan just like you and a discussion about all things KISS is what the book is all about.

Main thing though is this:  The KISS FAQ book is out and available for purchase!  With that, interviews on radio stations and other publicity is just around the corner, so the fun is only beginning!

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